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New Templates for Building .NET Apps with Auth0 Authentication

A new release of the package Auth0 Templates for .NET is out with new project templates and other improvements.

June 05, 2024

A new awesome version of the Auth0 Templates for .NET package has been released! It brings you new templates and other improvements, which we will discover in a moment. Install now the latest release of the templates by running the following command in a terminal window:

dotnet new install Auth0.Templates

⚠️ Make sure you have uninstalled any previous version of the package from your machine before installing the new one.

Ready to learn what's new in the latest release? Let's go!

New Project Templates

The first big news is that two new templates are now available: the Blazor Web App and the MAUI templates.

The Blazor Web App template

The Blazor Web App template allows you to create a web application using the .NET 8 Blazor application model. As you may know, this new type of Blazor application has some complexities in properly supporting authentication. Take a look at this article to learn more about it. Now you can have a starting point for your new Blazor application with Auth0 embedded in a snap by simply running the following command:

dotnet new auth0blazor -o MyNewBlazorApp

As usual, if you also have the Auth0 CLI installed on your machine and logged in, you can automatically register your app with Auth0. Of course, you can still use the templates with Visual Studio:

Auth0 Blazor Web App template in Visual Studio

Read more about the Blazor Web App template here.

The MAUI template

With the MAUI template, you can build desktop and mobile applications with Auth0 authentication for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android using a single code base. In this case, the command to use is as follows:

dotnet new auth0maui -o MyNewMauiApp

Building your new MAUI app using this template will save you a lot of time, as you can see from reading this article.

Check out this document to learn more about the MAUI template.

Other Improvements

In addition to the new templates, the new package brings you other internal and external improvements. To mention just a few of them:

  • The Blazor WebAssembly template now supports .NET 8.
  • The program that registers your application with Auth0 is no longer tied to .NET 7.0.
  • A few issues with the auto-registration script have been fixed.

These improvements help provide a better experience when scaffolding and registering your application with Auth0.

Leverage Auth0's authentication and authorization services in your .NET applications.

.NET Identity with Auth0

JetBrains Rider Support

Now you can use the Auth0 Templates with JetBrains Rider! Starting with version 2024.1, Rider fully supports custom templates, so now you can choose your preferred IDE to build your .NET applications with Auth0 integrated, regardless of your operating system. This is especially important now that Visual Studio for Mac is close to its retirement.

Previously, Rider didn't support parameters for custom templates, which was a clear barrier to using the Auth0 Templates. Now you can use them just like in Visual Studio!

Auth0 Blazor Web App Template in JetBrains Rider

A Look Back and a Glimpse Forward

The first version of the package was released one year ago. Since then, the project has grown with new templates and integration with the Auth0 CLI for automatic registration of your applications. During this year, the package has been downloaded over 8,000 times, and we have received suggestions and contributions.

We want to continue improving the current templates by adding features and improving the developer experience. Your feedback is very important. Share your thoughts by leaving a message below, or by opening a new issue to report problems and request new features. If you like the project, don't forget to star it on GitHub.

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