Your gateway to a secure, effortless authentication

With Universal Login, you have a powerful toolkit to implement robust authentication flows, feature-rich branding, and a variety of login methods—all under one roof.


Customize your login box, your way

Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, Universal Login's customization tools let you dictate the look, feel, and functionality of your login box. You code it or configure it—we support both.






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Everything starts with your login box

Here's how you can tap into the power of Universal Login to increase your application's security.

Security that feels simple

Implemented via a centralized authorization server, Universal Login is fortified with best practices and advanced technologies to secure user data and mitigate risks of account compromise.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Easily manage authentication across multiple services with just one login. Implement SSO and reduce user fatigue.

Social login

Quickly integrate social login options to offer a fast-track authentication route via users' existing social media accounts.

UX for devs

Craft a user experience that’s as flexible as your codebase. Offer users a seamless interface that's easy to interact with.

Take control of your pipeline

Tweak your authentication pipeline to suit your needs. From sign-up workflows to password recovery, see your custom branding come alive in real-time previews.

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Password Policies

Additional authentication features

Code once, deploy everywhere. Use the Auth0 dashboard to centrally manage features across all your applications.

Multi-factor authentication

Enhance security with second-factor options like a security key, SMS, voice, and more. We make implementing MFA a breeze.

WebAuthn & biometrics

Elevate your users’ security and experience with FIDO keys and device biometrics for passwordless or MFA.

Passwordless Login

Give your users passwordless login using passkeys, device biometrics, or one-time emails and SMS codes.

Federated Login

Easily integrate federated authentication with any Identity provider.


Our Universal Login is WCAG AA compliant, ensuring you meet industry standards right out of the box.

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