Auth0 for Nonprofits

Our mission is to support your mission. Use Auth0 to reduce security and compliance risks, improve your donor and volunteer experience, and enhance your technology investments - all with a simple login box.

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Connecting your Stakeholders to your Technology

What we offer, Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM), stands at the intersection of security, privacy, and convenience. Previously, organizations like yours were forced to prioritize one over the other using inflexible or DIY identity services. If your charity operates on fewer resources, it can be that much harder to prioritize any. We make your login box awesome while ensuring security, privacy, and compliance, conveniently.

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A 50% Cost Savings, Regardless of your Size

Secure access for everyone shouldn't be restricted by funding. The Auth0 nonprofits program is designed to make sure you can secure your digital environment for the communities you serve with free plans and half off everything else.

Self Service Paid & Free

Are you working in low code and no code environments - building multiple projects that need added security for less than 10,000 monthly users that is quick to deploy solution?

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Enterprise + Free Professional Services

Auth0 Enterprise is the ultimate Identity solution for organizations who may be large, have special circumstances, or need additional compliance such a PCI for donors, or BAA and HIPAA for Medical Records.

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Eligibility and Validation

Mission Eligibility

Your organization must have a mission to benefit the local community including, but not limited to: providing relief to the poor, advancing education, improving social welfare, preserving culture, restoring the environment, human rights, establishment of civil society.

Non-Discrimination Eligibility

Organizations are not eligible to participate in the Auth0 for Nonprofits program if they have a policy or mission of discrimination in hiring, compensation, promotion, termination, retirement, training, programs, and/or services.

What exactly is "Validation"

Industry Jargon. Auth0 by Okta utilizes Percent to conduct a background check, or validation, on your organization. This process ensures your organization meets all eligibility and legal criteria to receive nonprofit and charitable benefits.

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Free Community Resources

Resources for Everyone

We're serious about creating a safer, more-secure digital world. We're regularly building both Developer Resources to understand the best ways to use our product, or Community Resources like our checklists here to achieve our goal.

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Cybersecurity Checklist - Home

In today's modern world with connected devices, home automation, and easy access to the web, keeping your home and family safe is tougher than ever. Our checklist helps with common problems you may face in securing your home and family online.

Download the Home Checklist

Cybersecurity Checklist - Work

We know that how and where you do your work has changed for a lot of people. Some figured it out on the fly and continue to just make it work as they go, while others have it down to a science. No matter where you might find yourself today, we’d like to help you work safer.

Download the Work Checklist

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