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Simplify Communication Between APIs and Trusted Services

Easily handle authentication and authorization for non-interactive applications ranging from IoT and trusted subsystem interactions to daemons

Trusted Interactions for Internal/External APIs and Applications

Enable secure access to your API from other internal or external non-interactive third party-apps with minimal configuration.

1. The application authenticates itself with Auth0 using its Client Id and Client Secret. 2. Auth0 validates this information and returns an Access Token. 3. The application can use the Access Token to call the API


Use the identity of the IoT device instead of a user identity to streamline a secure IoT implementation.

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Secure API Authentication for Non-interactive Apps

Allow non-interactive applications such as app servers, Command Line Interfaces (CLIs), daemons, and others to safely and securely consume your API in cases where no human interaction is necessary.

Application Backends

Enable app servers, APIs, and services to make authenticated requests to your API without the need of human interaction.


Build powerful tools and CLIs that can connect and authenticate to your APIs.

Continuous Processes

Let job schedulers, daemons, and other system processes securely interact with your API.

Scopes and Granular Permissions

Easily control internal and external clients’ access levels to your API with highly granular permissions.

  • Application Backends

  • Command Line Interfaces

  • Other Processes

Standards-based Security

Rest easy knowing your API is protected with open standards through the use of the OAuth2 Client Credentials Grant flow for secure communications.

Secure access for everyone. But not just anyone.

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