Simple and Secure Identity

From MFA to bot detection, security and great customer experiences no longer need to be mutually exclusive.

Attack Protection

Defend your application from bot attacks, as well as detecting anomalies based on suspicious IPs, breached credentials and user context.

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Bot Detection & Prevention

Use threat intelligence to help tackle automated attacks, such as credential stuffing.

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Brute Force Protection

Defend against velocity attacks in which multiple attempts have been made to access accounts

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Breached Password Detection

Detect pre-auth if login credentials are part of a published security breach

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Adaptive MFA

Reduce user friction by presenting an MFA challenge only when the user interaction is considered suspicious.

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Security Center

Leverage insights from Okta Customer Identity Cloud for a streamlined view of authentication events, potential security incidents, and threat response efficacy.

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Step-up Authentication

Step-up authentication is a way to strike a balance between security and friction. It ensures users can access some resources with one set of credentials, but then requires additional verification for sensitive resources.

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Battle the Bots with Bot Detection

Implement machine learning to quickly identify multiple threat signals and mitigate bot attacks.

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