Extensibility lets you go where you want

At Auth0, we realize that every customer has unique needs. Which means they need the ability to customize their identity product. This concept is called extensibility. Actions is our next-generation extensibility platform, built to give developers easy-to-use tools and a better experience.


With both a low code and pro code offering, Actions allows developers to solve complex identity problems. Actions features a drag-and-drop flow editor, code editor, drafting and version control, and enhanced testing and debugging capabilities. Actions offer the same power as legacy extensibility offerings such as Rules and Hooks, with additional features to simplify and streamline the development experience.

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Actions Integrations

Actions Integrations are low and no-code, drag and drop integrations created by our ecosystem partners. Actions Integrations are partner built and maintained, allowing you to easily extend your identity solution without creating or updating custom code.

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Auth0 Marketplace

Auth0 Marketplace helps developers quickly find and add multiple drag-and-drop, low-maintenance Actions Integrations for their applications and APIs to cover a variety of identity use cases. Examples being identity proofing, log streaming, CDPs, and consent management, to name just a few.

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