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Pro Plan Improvements for Self-Service Customers - May 2024

Offering expanded access and optionality for self-service plans and features

May 08, 2024

TLDR: Self-service customers have access to Auth0 capabilities that previously required a call with sales. Effective immediately: (1) customers can now upgrade to our B2B Professional Plan directly through the dashboard, (2) the Enterprise Connection limit in the B2B Pro plan has been increased from 3 to 5, and (3) Pro plans customers can now add a single Enterprise MFA factor (called 'Enterprise MFA Lite') via self-service.

In November 2023, we introduced updated self-service plans and pricing to scale with our customers. As a continuation of this work and based on your feedback, we now offer self-service customers easier access to plans and capabilities that previously required a discussion with sales.

Here’s what’s new, effective May 2024:

  • You can now choose our B2B Professional Plan using your dashboard! The B2B Pro Plan includes:

    • 5,000 M2M Authentications (more available as add-ons)
    • M2M Add-on
    • External Database
    • Cross App SSO
    • 5 Enterprise Connections (increased from 3)
    • 100 organizations
    • And other features included in the B2B Essentials plan.

    To upgrade: Dashboard > Settings (Subscription Tab) > Select Plan & Quota > Click Upgrade or you can continue to purchase this plan through our Sales team.

  • 5 Enterprise Connections for the B2B Professional Plan's Enterprise Connection limits have increased from 3 connections to 5 connections via self-service. This will allow more of our SaaS customers to scale more effectively. As a reminder, there is no limit on Okta Enterprise Connections for customers on all of our B2B plans.
  • Enterprise MFA Lite is now available through self-service for both B2C and B2B Professional. This capability was only available via a contract with Sales, but it can now be added via the dashboard.
    • Enterprise MFA Lite allows you to add either SMS, push, or voice notifications to Professional plans for an additional fee. Fees vary by the amount of MAUs; find more information on Dashboard > Settings (Subscription Tab.)
    • This includes the support of push, SMS, and voice notifications, (SMS charges for MFA are charged separately by carriers supported by Auth0). Under Enterprise MFA Lite, subscriptions will be limited to one MFA factor on the subscription.

MFA Offerings Explained

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) provides a method to verify a user's identity by requiring them to provide more than one piece of identifying information. For example, something you know: a password, PIN, or security question, something you have: a smartphone, security token, or smart card, or something you are: your fingerprint, face scan, or voice pattern.

Some of our MFA offerings include:

  • Pro MFA — included in B2C Professional, B2B Essentials, B2B Professional, and Enterprise plans
  • Enterprise MFA Lite Add-on — an add-on for B2B and B2C Professional plans and Enterprise plans
  • Enterprise MFA — included in our Enterprise Plans

Pro Plan Improvements for Self-Service Customers - May 2024

Please note that upgrading to B2B Professional and adding Enterprise MFA Lite to B2B and B2C Professional plans will incur additional fees. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Which MFA factor(s) are best for my product?

Choosing the right MFA factor is all about striking a balance between security and user experience. Consider the sensitivity of the accounts you're protecting, the technical comfort level of your users, and the accessibility of the MFA factor across different devices.

Not All MFA is Created Equal

From blog post: Not All MFA is Created Equal

To help evaluate our MFA offerings, visit this blog post to learn about your options and for more details on factor types and authentication assurance levels, check out this datasheet.

Have more questions about your plan or our MFA offerings?

We’re here to help! If you’re on a paid plan, our Support team can help, and if you’re on a free plan, you can post in our Community forum. Thanks for being a valued customer. We hope this allows for more flexibility and optionality during your auth journey. Happy authenticating!

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