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Customers are engaging with retailers and brands on their terms through mobile apps, web portals, product reviews, and social media. They expect all interactions – both online and offline- to be consistent and highly personalized. As eCommerce and retail businesses continue to evolve, managing digital identities is an increasingly critical function – and all of this revolves around a single view of the customer.

When the right Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform is implemented, retailers can optimize operational, organizational processes, and marketing programs to delight customers with personalized experiences at every touchpoint from product discovery to purchase and beyond.

Customer Acquisition

Accelerate registration conversions without compromising security

Registration is that pivotal point when an unknown customer becomes a known customer, but becomes a barrier if not done right. Most customers hesitate to setup a new account with yet another set of credentials and often provide incorrect or incomplete information during form fills. For retailers looking to deliver personalized experiences to the customer, it is critical to get the right information during this process.

Auth0 gets registration right by delivering everything you need to implement modern authentication.


Let’s Get Social
Integrating social logins streamlines the registration process and increases registration conversion rates. With Auth0, adding a social connection is as easy as flipping a switch and you get access to 30+ integrations including Facebook, Twitter, and Google right out-of-the-box. Learn More

Customer AcquisitionTired of passwords? We are too!
The average customer keeps track of at least 25 username and password combinations at any point in time. This results in login fatigue making users reuse credentials over and over again. With Auth0, passwords can be eliminated entirely using magic links, Touch ID or SMS. Learn More

Stronger authentication = Stronger brand perception
Stronger authentication directly translates into trust and trust, in turn, impacts a customer’s perception of the brand. Auth0’s context-aware MFA technology adapts to the login environment and delivers advanced security features to protect the customer’s privacy. Learn More

Customize with Hooks
Our solution would be incomplete if it did not offer the flexibility of customization. Auth0 Hooks enables you to customize the registration process to your unique business needs with conditional workflows at every single digital touchpoint. Learn More

Single View Of the Customer

Embracing a unified commerce strategy to empower all stakeholders

Digital transformation projects are taking place across the retail industry and unifying internal operational and marketing processes behind a single view of the customer is becoming a critical area of focus. Retailers are faced with the mounting challenge to stay ahead, have a single dialogue with the customer and keep up with promises regarding service.

Welcome to the age of unified commerce, and it all starts with the digital identity. With a unified view of the customer, enterprise teams can consolidate various data sources to deliver a consistent brand experience at each touchpoint.


Centralized Identity Management
Unified commerce begins with a single digital identity, and Auth0 delivers a flexible user store directory model. You can host your directory in the highly secure Auth0 server, use your existing directory or migrate users to the Auth0 database without requiring a password reset. Learn More

Single View Of the CustomerTrue Omnichannel Experience
Enable a single sign-on experience across all your brands irrespective of the channel or identity provider the customer decides to use both in-store or over the web. The Auth0 database acts as a single source of truth consolidating all identities into one user profile. Learn More

Leverage actionable data for personalized targeting and growth. Customized integrations with marketing platforms and advertising networks allow for better-targeted campaigns and in-app advertisements. Learn More

Marks and Spencer Case Study

Retail case Study 2- Marks & Spencer

Personalize the shopping experience

Building brand loyalty with millennials, one identity at a time.

Millennials, the most sought after audience among retailers today, have grown up in the digital age and technology has played a significant role in shaping their identities. In contrast to the perception that Millennials lack brand loyalty, research has shown that millennials can be extremely loyal when they are treated as valued customers. They demand a customer-centric shopping experience, and they expect brands to approach them with personalized content that is suited to their needs.

Knowing your customer begins with registration but to transform a browser to a buyer, you need to progressively learn about the customer and deepen your engagement at every interaction. At Auth0, our goal is not only to enable you to create a 360-degree view of the customer but also to build brand advocates who will act as influencers and drive more traffic to your site or store.

Make Social Data Work For You
Social login simplifies registration, but when combined with Auth0’s rules feature, it delivers unlimited flexibility providing the deepest insights about the customer’s preferences. Learn More

Link Multiple Social Accounts
Auth0’s account linking feature enables you to link multiple social identities to one profile. This feature helps in building a richer profile based on first-party identity data and enhances social engagement at all levels. Learn More

Progressive Profiling
86% of users say overly long forms make them quit on registrations, and reducing form fields from 11 to 4 increases conversion rates by 120%. So, progressively profile your customers at key digital touchpoints and slowly build out the customer’s profile over time. Learn More

Boost Lifecycle Marketing
Personalize your onboarding process and enhance customer retention by encouraging critical behaviors using out-of-the-box email targeting templates or seamlessly integrate with other marketing automation programs using Auth0 Hooks. Learn More

Simplify Partner Collaboration

Expand your ecosystem and meet the ever-changing needs of your customers.

The retailer ecosystem is evolving, and retailers are increasingly collaborating with partners and suppliers to support the ever changing needs customers. B2B focused third-party integration into your workflow can open up potential areas for data breaches and pose a significant risk to your enterprise. In addition to faster integrations where partners can just click and connect using SSO, IT teams have to deliver a secure environment with best-in-class security protocols and user management policies.

The extended enterprise model is today’s reality, and with Auth0, IT teams are empowered to deliver quick federated access for partner companies, minimize administrative overhead, and stay compliant with industry-leading identity management protocols.

Frictionless Federation
Federate with ease and simplify onboarding and offboarding partner companies using industry-leading protocols. Further, do this at scale by setting up as many Active Directory, PingFederate, LDAP, or even a custom SAML-P providers for as many users as needed. Learn More

Single Sign-On
Integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) for both partners and internal employees from the get-go. SSO authentication gives your users a seamless experience as they navigate through your internal and third party applications. Learn More

API-Based Authentication
The omnichannel experience starts with collaboration and retailers have to expose critical backend processes such as inventory management systems to key suppliers and partners. Secure your APIs with advanced identity management protocols and collaborate with ease. Learn More

Compliance, Security, and Scale

Compliance, Security, and ScaleDeliver a great user experience without sacrificing security.

Retail data breaches make front line news, and in addition to being a PR nightmare, can severely erode brand equity. It goes without saying that customer data security and compliance is top of mind in most retail boardrooms. Auth0 has built state-of-the-art security into our product, so you can take advantage of cutting-edge features designed to make protecting your users and business worry-free.

Industry Standard Protocols
Increase consistency and continuity in your business operations and execution by adopting an identity platform that supports industry-wide authentication standards like OAuth and OpenID Connect. Learn More

Compliance and Certifications
Compliance with leading organizations including SOC2, GDPR, OpenID Connect, and others. Learn More

Infrastructure-as-a-Service: On-Premise, In Cloud
Host your application in the Auth0 cloud, in your cloud, or on-premises in your data center. Our highly-available multi-tenant cloud service can handle over 1 billion transactions daily. Learn More

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