The Impact of Identity.

We get it. Your team is juggling countless priorities. There isn't someone solely dedicated to user privacy and security. You're worried about data breaches and financial compliance. You wish you had more information about your donors and program recipients. As you harness more digital tools to advance your mission - something as simple as logging in can be your biggest barrier and best ally.

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Authenticated goodness.

While you know there’s more to it, a “simple login box” is how your team gives stakeholders - think volunteers, employees, program recipients, and donors - access to your digital environments. It’s also how your team governs, collects, analyzes, and securely stores that data - such as personally identifiable information (PII) or financial information. As the technology you utilize helps your team scale impact, it’s increasingly important to reduce security and compliance risks.

Explore the Auth0 for Nonprofits program

That simple login box affects every stakeholder.

Real Professionals

The following individuals are modeled after real nonprofit professionals, not just developers. Learn how this is Tech-for-Good-for-All.

Resolvable Frustrations

Not enough time. Not enough people. Not enough information. Restricted funds that prevent innovative solutions that move your mission forward. We get it, we've got you.

Log in to a Solution

Check out our nonprofit friends, their dislikes, and how the Auth0 for Nonprofits program helped them. Click on any personality for a deeper dive into how the solution works.




Likes: fiddle leaf fig plants, developer-friendly tools. Dislikes: long implementation timelines, poor documentation, wireless headphones.

Why they use Auth0 by Okta: “My co-founder and I are currently a team of two and need as many no-code or low-code solutions as possible. With Auth0 by Okta we can make the login experience secure and unified across these tools without sacrificing time and resources we don’t have.”



Business Operations Manager

Likes: operational excellence, Role-Based Access Control, her dog Steve. Dislikes: disorganized onboarding, broccoli.

Why they use Auth0 by Okta: “Our team relies on a large group of vendors. If I’m not able to control their access instantly, I’m risking the security of our clients' information.”




Likes: strong data privacy policies, Attack Protection, indoor rock climbing. Dislikes: bots, podcasts at 1x speed, kombucha.

Why they use Auth0 by Okta: “Security posture is incredibly crucial to our organization. We deal with PII and have to be GDPR-compliant. We’re a small team, so we need a trusted solution.”



Marketing Specialist

Likes: playing the guitar, making data privacy a priority Dislikes: a clunky user experience, parallel parking, unsubscribes.

Why they use Auth0 by Okta: “The reach of our email newsletter affects how many people know about our giving opportunities. It’s important that our community knows that we prioritize data privacy as soon as they sign up. We want them to know what data is being collected, its purpose, how it will be used, and how they can request removal of consent.”



Volunteer Coordinator

Likes: Passwordless Authentication, eco-conscious volunteer swag. Dislikes: low volunteer sign-ups, manual password recovery.

Why they use Auth0 by Okta: “It’s really important that it’s easy for our volunteers and donors to log in to their portal. If they forget their password or become dissatisfied with the process, they may be hesitant to sign up for events or donate in the future.”

Do any of our friends sound like you or someone on your team?

Dive deeper into topics around privacy, security, and compliance in our series, Secured and Assured. Get started today.