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Utilizing Auth0 and benefitting from the Social Impact Cost Savings is as simple as setting up your account and validating eligibility through a third party provider.

Steps to becoming a SAFEr Social Impact Organization

1. Validate Your Organization

This link will take you to our third part partner, Percent, who will validate your organizations eligibility.

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2. Set Up Your Account

At the end of validation, the next step is setting up your Auth0 account. Enter your billing information during the free trial, and we will adjust your billing for the plan you choose.

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3. Connect

We will reach out during the process, but if you have questions, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page and we'll get you connected with the right resource.

Can I still validate through TechSoup?

We support TechSoup, their mission, and look forward to our expanding relationship with them; but have migrated to Percent as our exclusive provider for validations.

Contact Us for Alternate Validation Methods

For Profit For Good Organization?

We no longer offer Profit Social Good Entities, B-Corps, and PBCs who cannot be validated as a 501(c)3 or equivalent special pricing, as they do not fall within the current ruleset as established by Okta for Good during our merger.

We still want to see how we can support you. Let's talk!

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We’re here to help. Whether you have questions or need clarification on eligibility, get in touch and a representative will respond soon.

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Become a safer social impact organization with Auth0

Utilize Auth0 in your websites and applications to protect your data, donor information, payment information, and other sensitive resources from people whose goal is to do harm.