Customer Identity

So what’s Customer Identity (CIAM)?

Customer Identity (CIAM) is how companies give end users access to their digital properties, as well as how they govern, collect, analyze, and securely store that data.

Basically, it’s how Okta and Auth0 can build you an awesome login box.

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Privacy. Convenience. Security.

CIAM stands at the intersection of security, privacy, and convenience. Companies have been historically forced to prioritize one over the other because of inflexible identity services.

But Okta and Auth0 know you don’t have to choose anymore. You can build an identity solution that works for everyone.

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CIAM is everybody's business

CIAM is needed for consumer applications, external collaboration, and SaaS applications. It’s got something for every team.

All over the industries

  • Financial Services
  • Public Sector
  • Publishing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
Graphic of teams involved in Customer Identity: CMO/CDO, CTO/DevOps, CIO/CISCO, CPO/ProductGraphic of teams involved in Customer Identity: CMO/CDO, CTO/DevOps, CIO/CISCO, CPO/Product

So what does a successful Customer Identity (CIAM) solution look like?

Built for change

Customizable and extendable technology that adapts as the world changes.


A partner that provides reliability and always-on support so you can focus on your business.


A solution provider that thinks about identity before anything else.

Easy to use

It is for everyone: developers, admins, integrators & users.

Okta + Auth0

Together we solve every identity need for your customers.

  • Built for change
  • Trusted
  • Independent
  • Easy to use

All identities

  • Employees
  • Contractors
  • Externally Managed Identity
  • Consumers
  • B2B Customers

All apps

  • Workforce
  • External Collaboration
  • SaaS
  • Consumer

Identity offerings

  • Enterprise Grade Universal Directory
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Enterprise Integrations in OIN
  • Devices
  • Workflows
  • Access Gateway
  • Del Admin
  • Governance
  • Extensibility with Rules, Hooks, Actions
  • Organizations
  • Attack Protection
  • JIT Migration
  • Custom DB Connection
  • Marketplace Integrations
  • Progressive Factor Enrollment
  • SDK & Quickstarts

Platform capabilities

  • Compliance
  • Security
  • APIs
  • Automation
  • Availability
  • Rate Limits
  • Privacy
  • Integrations
  • Logging

Choice of deployment models

  • Multi-tenant Cloud
  • Dedicated Tenant for Azure

Use Cases


User expectations start at the first click. Make it count with identity.

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Businesses are seeking secure, compliant services that allow their teams to focus on innovation.

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Employees want to be efficient, secure and compliant. This starts with IAM.

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A trusted CIAM platform to build intuitive, secure, and data-driven customer experiences

The Okta/Auth0 CIAM solution helps organizations accelerate revenue, maximize developer impact, and reduce security and compliance risks by enabling intuitive, consistent, and trustworthy omni-channel experiences for their customers, partners, suppliers, constituents, and other external users.

Access Management

Define access roles for the end-users of your applications and APIs, and extend your authorization capabilities to implement dynamic access control.

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Find out just how much your login box can do for your customer.

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Extend Auth0 to solve your unique identity needs, whenever and wherever you need.

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Identity Security

From MFA to bot detection, security and great customer experiences no longer need to be mutually exclusive.

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User Management

Create a delightful experience for you and your customers across the whole journey - from sign-up to purchase.

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